Friday, September 9, 2011


The Morrow Coaster Brake No. 27619 (bottom right) was selected for its unusual design features which include a brake arm on the drive side and a very clever clamping mechanism locking the arm to the chain stay.
The cleaned and polished hub is right at home in track style rear dropouts and hooks up perfectly with the equally well manicured one inch block chain to create the unmistakeable mechanical melodie that only this combination of instruments can produce when set to work. Stainless 10/32 tpi chain adjusters, brass washers, and chromed acorn nuts finish off the primary drive train.

With these positions (438-07, 08) filled, the Captain now must turn his attention to the selection of some very specialized crew members. The duties that The 438 will be expected to perform are of a highly sensitive and grave nature and must be carried out with the utmost of delicacy. 

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