Monday, October 25, 2010


This past Friday evening found us excitedly entering a very impressive old factory building in Waltham, Massachusetts which is now the home of The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation We were there to check out a Steampunk themed show in which two of our crew members had gotten involved. The Orienteer and Straat, aka Fendabenda, were quickly found flying in formation by means of that anti-gravity thing that they do. They were hovering in one of the three gallery areas accompanied by a six-pack of the most interesting and mysterious machines we have seen in quite some time. We had no idea that the usually reclusive twosome had made so many new friends from obviously good tribes. The atmosphere created by so many machines and their creators in such close proximity was so intoxicating we found our heads swooning.
We took our leave, shortly after the announcements, acknowledgments, and awards had been made, comfortable in the belief that our mates would be safe and happy during the six-month cruise they have embarked upon. They do really love having visitors and can be seen at the Museum from now until the end of May 2011. Check out the museum site for hours of operation.

Friday, October 8, 2010


In 1898 the Columbia Bicycle Company was apparently living large on profits from tapping the bottomless reserves of pleasure seeking cyclists. Included in their line was offered a wheel known as The Model 49 Racer. This machine was light, fast, affordable and very fixed.
We are delighted to announce that one of these machines has come to reside at our headquarters and has already undergone the initial "What are you going to do with that?" intake process.
Below are some initial contact photographs in all of their usual crappy cell-phone splendor. We will be adding more as the additional preening progresses.