Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Cargo areas needed to carry payloads sufficient to offset cost of missions as well as generate reasonable profits upon return to home port.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The communication between Scout ships and their Home Ports was embedded into video images and sent to respective way stations located in each solar system. The codes for our particular ship were finally decoded from messages entitled "I Love Lucy". The diagram shown here is a reproduction of what was apparently a detailed cue sheet for the last mission the ship was on when it was lost.
Once underway, these details would be projected onto the cylindrical section of the communications and guidance display for the pilots to follow.


Legend has it that these ships were difficult to operate at sub-sonic speeds and many were lost during re-entry.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


While cleaning out from under my bed, I pulled out the frame-set of what initially appeared to be just another early motobike as were so common and plentiful on Terra Acirema during the period from SD9.9.10 thru SD9.9.30. But then we all did a double-take when we began to discover evidence that this was not the case at all! Numerous empty mounting holes clearly not intended for standard accessories, burn patterns on the skin and tell-tale scaring of the skeletal structure could lead us to only one seemingly impossible conclusion.
Could this really be? A quick conference call to the Sneers and Blowbucks Institute archives confirmed our suspicions. What in fact stood before us was an actual Pre-Warholian Aissurian Scout ship! This revelation alone was mind-bending enough, but that was just the beginning. . .
Many of these ships had been converted to salvage transports after the invasion. Cruising to earth at 20 year intervals to collect used cigarette filters which were highly sought after for an energy source in many remote regions of the universe. Most of the original fittings are missing of have been replaced with common replacement items.