Thursday, August 18, 2011


Mr. Doe (438) has healed beyond expectation in record time and he is most delighted to be reunited with the four other crew members who had also survived those horrific events and were still with him when he was rescued.

With news of the miraculous recovery of 438 and that he had been regrouped with four of his original crew, a long line of applicants hoping to be selected as crew members, not too surprisingly, has formed at the door of The Captain.

A ship such as 438 requires a minimum of 20 crew members. Each crew member chosen will be highly skilled in performing the specialized tasks presented by their individual positions. Some ships maintain crews of 35 or more depending on their mission statements.

Each candidate must not only demonstrate the very highest level of skill for the task at hand, he must also meet vigorous assessments of his compatibility with the other crew members.

The Captain alone must select each candidate as the success or failure of the finished ship is his responsibility. This is a critical point in the full recovery of 438 and there is no room for error.

Two potential candidates for positions 438.08 and 438.18.

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