Monday, April 23, 2012


Suppose for a moment that you've
just discovered that there is no 
cellular service available.
You hurry over to your computer
only to discover that you are no
longer connected your internet
provider's server as well.
With cell phones knocked out, there
will undoubtedly be no WIFI.
A howling and screaming panic
crashes in on you as you become
aware that you are

Mr. Elswick Tradesman and I were cycling along a delightful and very rural secondary road when we suddenly came into a blindingly dense haze. With some reservation we continued into the haze and were relieved to discover that it was very brief. As we emerged back into the sunlight, we instantly saw that there were large fields on either side of the road which were completely blanketed with an astoninshing conglomeration of what could only be called old junk.
Elswick could not resist and exclaimed that he intended to halt and investigate the scene which lay before us. I followed my companion on an angular dirt path which passed endless rows of 900 square foot corrals filled with strange and mysterious objects.
As we ventured into the fields I spotted a small item that I recognized. In my past I had possessed an article that had been constructed in the same manner and fashion as the example before me.
Recalling the pleasant circumstances which had surrounded me at that time as a young boy, I arranged, for a small price, to obtain this wonderful momento to bring back to my rooms.
This behavior was to be repeated many times during that day.

I don't know, I just got here myself.

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