Thursday, July 14, 2011

Continued Recovery and More Clues

During what was a very encouraging examination of the progress of his surface healing after only four treatment applications, another anatomical characteristic was noted as being significant information for our inquiry into the identity of the subject.
1. The Bottom Bracket Shell is offset from the centerline of the frame. The right side measures 44mm from center, while the left side is only 41mm. The overall width of the shell being 85mm, this is certainly too great a difference to be considered an oversight by his creator.

2. Also found during said examination were the faintly visable numbers 2-6-2 stamped into the right side of the seat pin lug.

More questions and still no answers.

While treatments are taking place, some of the few posessions the victim still had were being cleaned, restored, and readied to be reunited with their owner when he is well enough to accomodate them.

This humble writer cannot help but wonder at the tenacity with which our chief inspector has attacked this most mystifying problem. What unusual character makeup would drive one so?

Is he just curious? There must be more to it than that.

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