Monday, October 25, 2010


This past Friday evening found us excitedly entering a very impressive old factory building in Waltham, Massachusetts which is now the home of The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation We were there to check out a Steampunk themed show in which two of our crew members had gotten involved. The Orienteer and Straat, aka Fendabenda, were quickly found flying in formation by means of that anti-gravity thing that they do. They were hovering in one of the three gallery areas accompanied by a six-pack of the most interesting and mysterious machines we have seen in quite some time. We had no idea that the usually reclusive twosome had made so many new friends from obviously good tribes. The atmosphere created by so many machines and their creators in such close proximity was so intoxicating we found our heads swooning.
We took our leave, shortly after the announcements, acknowledgments, and awards had been made, comfortable in the belief that our mates would be safe and happy during the six-month cruise they have embarked upon. They do really love having visitors and can be seen at the Museum from now until the end of May 2011. Check out the museum site for hours of operation.
Bruce Rosenbaum and the gang over at Steam Puffin  and Modvic have our utmost respect for the effort and dedication that went into putting this collection together in one place at the same time. We can only hope that they are comforted by the feeling of a job well done and will continue their efforts to make the Steampunk community grow. A big high-five to all of the staff and its directors at the museum for their tireless efforts and courageous support in making the show a reality.

Both of our boys are still very young and inexperienced. They will mature a great deal during the next six months.
Straat is the elder by almost two years and is much more developed than his sibling Orienteer. His pick-ups, pre-amp and amplifier have been harvested and have begun the grafting phase necessary to reach his full electrified power.
Orienteer is an very old soul residing in a relatively new and not completely evolved skin. The night vision faculties have begun to emerge and have been a source of much enjoyment for him. There are still the Galactic Positioning Sense (GPS) and enhanced short range imaging powers to be developed as well as a considerable amount of personal grooming to come. While waiting for these skills to mature Orienteer happily continues to explore his lighting capabilities.   

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