Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our recent excursion to Newbury Street for a haircut and stroll was viewed as nothing too exciting
as we had done this particular journey many times. We always hope that something new will present itself and always keep an eye opened for stimulation.
All of the usual sights and sounds were the order of the day until we reached a store front somewhere in the vicinity of Clarendon Street. As we glanced to the side to look at what we assumed would be another incredibly pretentious boutique, we were slammed in the face with a display of approximately 214 sewing machines, consisting of 36 rows, stacked 6-high! The signage simply said "Final Reduction".
We had to go in.
The interior fixtures of what turned out to be a clothing boutique consisted of a most impressive collection of heavy machinery relating to the clothing manufacturing industry. Industrial sewing machines, as well as heavy-duty hand trucks, machines repurposed to be used as display racks and tables. The entire ambience was that of a factory/warehouse.
 Even the price tags, outrageously inflated even on Tax-Free Weekend, were beautifully done with attention to detail that bordered on mania.
Well worth stopping in if you find yourself inexplicably stranded on Newbury Street.

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