Wednesday, July 7, 2010


TRIJAAKs' creator,  JADE,  knew that he would never match BODEs' engineering understanding and skills. JADE was much more interested and enthralled with the way that things looked rather than how  
they worked. BODEs tools
were important to him and he took very good care of them. JADE, on the other hand, was often careless and would lose or damage BODEs tools. Sometimes he would even lend them to his mates who may or may not return them. BODE finally was forced to lock them in his tool bench to prevent JADE from absconding with them. JADE slowly but surely acquired his own tools as the need would arise and began to develop a much better understanding of the importance of those tools and why BODE was so reluctant to allow others to use them.
JADEs building efforts were mostly conducted out of Hangar 14 as ELDE was particularly meticulous about its tidiness and insisted that JADE perform his shenanigans, if he had to do them at all,  out beside the shed.
TRIJAAK was patient and grateful that JADE had persevered through this phase and apparently was determined to complete him.
JADE too, was excited and longed for the day when he and TRIJAAK would hurtle down Turkey Hill at breakneck speeds while sliding the rear wheels into breathtaking and endless wheel drifting turns just as he had seen the ZB140 pilots, including BODE, do so many times.

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